Let’s Go on a Adventure!!

B3OYxN3CIAAGkpgI know over the past week I have been telling you about my vacation over spring break, hiking down the Oregon coast. Now that I am back at work closing in on the final month of busy season I can’t help but think about my first blog post, Get out there and… R-E-L-A-X. Most of us have been locked in are cubicles like animals running on the wheel making profits for our respective companies. Now that it is April, you are only a few months away from summer and a much needed vacation. Don’t lie I know it has been on your mind. Where will you go? How long will you be there? And most importantly, how much will it cost? These are restrictions that keep us from getting out of our everyday life and going on an adventure. I am here to tell you that a vacation is not far from your reach and all you need is a tent, sleeping bag, and a cooler.

The average cost for a vacation for a family of four, according to Forbes, in the United States is $1,145 per person, or $4,580. $4,580 is a large chunk of change, especially when the median household income was $50,502 in 2014. I don’t know what your financials are, but I can’t afford to spend 10% of my annual income on one week of the year. There is a much better alternative available for you and that is camping.

Over the past week I kept track of the cost for five people to go camping. The total cost for five friends to go to Oregon and back was just under $700. That is about $140 a piece for a five day vacation. The total cost includes gas, campground fees, food and beverages (both brought and restaurants), and miscellaneous expenses. I think we can all agree that $700 sounds better than $4,580. You will also need to buy a few supplies. These are one-time cost. You can find a nice durable family tent for $100 dollars, another $120-$80 per sleeping bag, and a cheap cooler will do. Even after those expenses it is still cheaper.

Enough about cost and prices, there are more benefits about camping than an expense report can show. No matter if you are a group of college friends, a family, or a romantic getaway, there is nothing like the memories of camping. From making S’mores, star gazing, or having a cold one next to a fire with an old friend. These are the little memories life is built on. If you wanted to fall asleep to the sound of a TV, why leave home.

Now pick up the phone, call those old buddies or your significant other, and start planning. What are you waiting for? Your desk and computer will be there when you get back I promise. I am calling out everyone to let out your inner Bilbo Baggins and go on adventure this summer.

See you out there

Photo contributed to Camping Yurts

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