The Earths Last Giants

After braving the night of another typical Oregon shower, it was time to say farewell and thank it for all of its unforgettable memories. The road now had us heading towards the great California Redwoods. This was a unexpected detour in our adventure but after snow hit the mountains we were no longer prepared to continue our journey hiking down the Oregon Coast and to Crater Lake.

1598946_10206025018722635_1740947948708388785_oWe decided to make camp at Elk Prairie Campgrounds  in the Redwood National Park. This was my first time seeing these magnificent giants. Pictures do not justify how tall and how big these trees are. Having once upon a time worked in a lumber yard, these trees took my breath away. The idea that these trees have been around for thousands of years and are upwards of 300 plus feet tall is memorizing. Unfortunately our time was limited and we only had the opportunity to go on a couple short hikes.

Being in the redwoods really taught me the importance of conservation. No matter what your political affiliation are, we can all agree and recognize that humans take up a large portion of resources from land. In order to conserve beautiful places like this, it is our responsibility to limit our footprint on nature. This includes cleaning up campsites, littering, and being water and energy conscience. If we don’t protect these natural wonders no one will. One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Seuss’s book The Lorax, it states, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”IMG_0063_2

One of my goals of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is to continue this blog and profess and show the need to keep these natural retreats alive and well. This can not be done alone. I call upon all of you to be smarter. Use what you need and limit the waste you leave behind.

Photos are my own

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