Oregon Day #2: Views, Views, and More Views

Remember being child and wanting to play in the rain because for some reason it made everything better. The idea of hearing the rain drip of your jacket and splashing in the puddles are thoughts we slowly lose as we get older. The beauty of backpacking is how it lets out your inner child. Day two along the Oregon coast was prove of this. It was cloudy rainy day and it was perfect to climb St. Perpetua Mountain.

IMG_0223_2St. Perpetua is a short five to six mile hike in and out. The hike is a quick straight up and down climb that brings you to a gorgeous view.  The view was named by locals as  “the best view of the Oregon coast.” You start the hike from the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center and up you go. From switch back to switch back, through the woods you go. Up and up the mountain going past one breathtaking lookout after the other, each one better than the last. When you finally reach the top of the mountain you come across a stone house built during WWII that looks over the entire coast.IMG_0545

As we entered the house, the skies opened and started to pour. We all, however, came prepared and had both rain jackets and covers to stay dry. We had a quick a drink and toasted our adventure while looking over the beauty of the Pacific. The way down felt like a time machine. The group of 20 year olds became children hiking and dancing in the rain.

It took less than an hour to reach the base of the mountain. We could have headed back to our campsite and gotten out of the rain, but none of us were ready for the fun to stop.  Still filled with energy we took a short walk down to the tide pools. Here we found Thor’s Well, the Spouting Horn, and collected mussels for dinner. We stayed along the coast taking in the beauty of the structures and creatures the Pacific offered. After another day we headed back to camp IMG_0275enjoyed some fresh seafood and fell asleep to the sound of the rain.

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Photos are my own

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