Cape Perpetua: Day One Cummins Creek

Hidden under the fog along the Oregon Coast off the western Cascades is an outdoors wonderland. Is a place where you can start your day by taking a stroll along the beach collecting sand dollars, breathing in the crisp ocean air and if your lucky you can meet a baby seal. Then after a quick breakfast you grab your pack and off into the mountains you go. Going through beautiful green forest that make you feel like you have hopped into a rabbit hole and have joined Alice in Wonderland. IMG_0517If the forest is not your style you can head along the coast and try to catch a glimpse of Thor at his well or stroll along the tide pools and look out and see the spring migration of Gray Whales a few hundred yards off the shower. If you are like me and can’t wait to experience this haven, you must go to Cape Perpetua, Oregon.

Last week I was lucky enough to enjoy Cape Perpetua and all of its beauty for a few days. It truly is a great place to cleanse ones mind, soul and most importantly go backpacking. On the first day, we took the main trailhead to Cummins Creek and trekked 15 miles into the mountains. IMG_0527I had 30-35 pounds in my pack trying to build up my legs to prepare myself for the PCT. The first two hours of the hike were straight up mountain. Going from one peak to then next, making our way through the woods. This was different than hiking in the Sierras because it was humid and muggy.

After crossing six peaks we reached a clearing in the forest. This was a beautiful meadow and lookout. We could see the ocean and forest for miles. IMG_0161_2This truly was a view of all of Oregon’s beauty. We spent a hour up hear soaking in the sun, had lunch, and some of us even got a quick nap.

The way back took no time at all. The majority of the climb down was a steady incline. If you ever get a chance to take this trail make sure to climb some of the fallen trees on the way down. It took between 4-5 hours to complete the hike.IMG_0530 We all felt accomplished and celebrated with a bon fire on the beach. The next trail will have to wait for the rise of the sun. Follow the blog to learn more about backpacking, hiking, and trails.


Photos are my own

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