Pack… Pack… Pack

IMG_22405:00 O clock hits, its time to send out your final emails, input your time for the day, and your off. Now the true fun begins. You get home and its time to pack your life into a pack. That’s right spring has sprung and its time for some spring camping to begin. There is no place better to have your first trip then on the Oregon Coast and Crater Lake.

This spring break a few friends, the boys from Born 2 Explore, and me are getting out of the desert and heading to costal woods of Oregon. We are spending two days hiking the coast and another day and half hiking crater lake. Both areas environments are far different than what we experience in Reno. It should be wet, slightly humid, with warm days, and cold nights. The variety of weather we could see makes packing my pack efficiently crucial.

I am using my new 50-liter Osprey AG for this trip. I chose my lighter pack, because we will have accesses to a car and aren’t backpacking in. For sleeping supplies, I am bringing Radiant 15 degree sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and REI Half Dome Tent 2. In addition, I will have my Gerber Knife, Life Straw, and my lucky Red Sox cap.

Clothing is slightly more difficult to chose due to the weather. Since I usually run warm I will have a light base layer and wool socks. In addition I will have my transformable hiking pants, jeans, and some assorted shirts. For a jacket I am bringing my North Face thermal ball jacket. Since this jacket is synthetic it is more waterproof than my down jacket.

I plan this will be more than enough for this journey. If you have any suggestions please let me know. In addition if you are in the Oregon Coast area or Crater Lake and want to join us let me know. The more the merrier! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day spread the luck and a drink to enjoy your week.

Happy Trails!

Photo is my own.

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