Into the Wild: My Dream to Complete the PCT

As I sit her after a long day at work watching “Into the Wild” I can’t help to be envious of Christopher, main character in the story. It would be great not to have to worry about waking up for work by the sound of my alarm. Instead, when I open my eyes tomorrow it would be from the glare of the sun and the smell of the pines. Experiencing life in the wild and see natures true beauty every single day.

Now I am not saying I am going to cash out my bank account, give my money away, and live on the land starting tomorrow. I actually love my job being an accountant and I know its weird that I do. What I am saying is the idea of living on the land, away from all material needs and society, is something I must do in my life. Even if its only for a few months of it.

woodemblemOver the past few months I have read countless blog post about through hikes from fellow hikers. The more and more I read about the Pacific Crest Trail, PCT, and the Appalachian Trail, AT, the more I want to be out there. Taking everyday step by step not knowing what is around the next bend. The adventure and the beauty are the driving forces to this desire and are why I am making it one of my life goals to complete the PCT.

I choice the PCT over the AT for no reason except I was born in the West Coast and that has been the trail in my backyard my entire life. I want to start in Canada and walk home to San Diego. This is now my dream and is a journey I will complete. My journey may take years to begin. pct-mapOne day I will walk the 2,600 miles through the Cascades and Sierras.

If you share my dream or have experience on the PCT, let me know. I would love to learn more and find others to join my journey. Follow me on twitter.

Happy Trekking

First photo is attributed to the Pacific Crest Trail Association and second is attributed to McShap Pacific Crest Trail Journal.

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