Intro to Fitness and Hiking

If you are still reading this blog four post in you have begun to develop a interest in the outdoors. Most of you haven’t developed a purpose to hike. From talking to other hikers I have learned they have a purpose that drives them to go out there week after week. Theses purposes range from finding yourself, seeing beautiful places, and exercise. In this blog we will be focusing on the physical benefits that hiking brings individuals.

Like breathing, walking is one of the most natural things for humans to do. Hiking is a form of exercise that all ages can participate in. Grandparents and grandchildren may all participate in this activity in one form or another. This is a healthy activity for all to do. It helps strengthen your entire body from head to toe. Hiking especially works your calves, thigh, quads, and glutes.

Your legs are one of the most important muscles in your body. Strengthening them translates through out your entire body. It improves your posture and can prevent back, neck, and shoulder problems. IMG_0418In addition, hiking is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. On average a person burns 500 calories per hour while hiking. If you start and end your day with a hour or even a 30 min hike or walk everyday, you will feel, look, and be healthier. I challenge you this week to take a hour hike everyday for a week and post the difference you feel after a week. I bet it will surprise you.


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